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your playlist sucks

Hosted by Enbani Moore and Mark Horosko


Ep. 8.  One, You're Like A Dream Come True But Your Playlist Sucks:  Elections

Now that the election fatigue has hopefully worn off, we bring you episode 8 - the final episode in Season 1 of Your Playlist Sucks Podcast. What a wild ride it has been, a huge thank you goes to our listeners for sticking with us! Recorded prior to Election Day, hosts Enbani and Mark talk about elections, democracy, protest music, and civic engagement. 

What are voters looking for when they head to the polls (Somebody To Love by Jefferson Airplane) to choose their commander in chief (Mr. November by The National)? You'll get a laugh when Enbani surprises Mark with a game of Who Said It? the Kanye or Trump Twitter edition and join us in reflecting on the past four years and the state of the union today, as Mark and Enbani discuss how those feelings have been perfectly captured by artists of all genres (FDT by YG and Nipsey Hussle, Normalization Blues by AJJ). 

Finally, our hosts know that there is anti-racism work to be done regardless of the outcome of this election and have one last call to action for you. If you have 10-20 minutes a day, invest in your community and become more informed by taking the The Unity Collective Challenge. Sign up at to receive bite-sized emails for 21 days that focus on foundations, connection and activation. 

Follow us on Instagram @playlistsucks and connect with us by email at and stay tuned for news about Season 2!

Produced by Natalie Lum-Tai



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